75° and Sunless

Mobile Airbrush Tanning

Spray Tanning 

San Antonio & Alamo Heights

If you're like me there is never enough time in the day to get it all

done. We 
have to take care of the kids, dinner, soccer practice, work,

clean the
house...sleep! Even when there's enough time for the

tanning bed we worry 
about damaging our skin with the harmful

UVA & UVB rays we're always 
hearing about in the news.  

Because we need to save time and be healthy 
mobile airbrush

tanning is a dream come true!


How It Works

Call me to set your appointment.  I come to your desired location

and set up a 
"tanning tent".  We customize your tan color based on

your expectations and 
your natural skin tone. Then, I apply your

custom airbrush tan using a 
private label, organic tanning

solution.  The whole process takes 20-30 
minutes and the result is a

flawless, just from the beach tan!  I don't need 
much space to work;

any 5x5 space with an electrical outlet and sufficient  
lighting will

work. After we're done I pack my equipment in a rolling suitcase 

and leave you to enjoy your golden tan!